bengoro (bengoro) wrote in art_links,

может у кого нить есть что то из последуещего списка в бумажном варианте на временное пользование или в электронном формате
01. C. Aldred, Egyptian Art
02. J. Malek, Egyptian Art
03. W.S. Smith, The art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
04. R.H. Wilkinson, The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt
05. E. Rossiter, The Book of Dead, Papyri of Ani, Hunefer, Anhai
06. H. Frankfort, The art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient
07. J. Biers, The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction
08. R. Higgins, Minoan and Mycenaean Art
09. J. Boardman, Greek Sculpture, The Archaic Period
10. J.G. Pedley, Greek Art and Archaeology
11. J. Boardman, Greek Sculpture, The Late Classical Period
12. J.J. Pollitt, Art in the Hellenistic Age
13. R.R.R. Smith, Hellenistic Sculpture
14. K.M.D. Dunbabin, Mosaic of the Greek and Roman World
15. R. Ling, Roman Painting
16. R. Ling, Ancient Mosaics
17. D.E.E. Kleiner, Roman Sculpture

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