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Oldrich Kulhanek

"My opinion, my conviction, is that in his work an artist should give an account of himself, and of the time and place he inhabits. The artist should reveal the pretence (or lies) of the establishment, unmasking what is happening to man a showing how man is manipulated and dehumanized."

Life in a Spiral

 (494x699, 85Kb)

Life in a Circle

 (538x698, 110Kb)

Ecce homo No.7

 (574x699, 92Kb)


 (484x650, 50Kb)


 (500x622, 51Kb)

Great pigs trough feast

 (523x696, 62Kb)

Unsuccessful dialogue

 (700x566, 67Kb)

Who Is Who

 (541x699, 88Kb)

1 Rouble

 (700x368, 78Kb)

(с) Oldrich Kulhanek


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