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Willem den Elger. "Love Emblems"

"Love Emblems" -
ЛЮБОВНЫЕ КАРТИНКИ ИЗ КНИГИ Willem den Elger, 1703г.

This selection of love emblems comes from a 1703 Dutch book - Zinne-beelden der liefde ('something pictures of love') - by Willem den Elger.


Пояснения к картинкам:
1:Cupid is standing on the tail of a peacock, which is hit by the arrow
of a man; a woman is taking aim with a bow and arrow

2:A girl holding some pipes and a tobacco-pouch, stands before Cupid
who is smoking a pipe, seated on a huge ball to which his foot is chained.
3:Blindfolded cupid with his chest pierced by an arrow is lying
in a big bowl on a stove; a head with a fool's cap and an arm
holding a bauble appears from a pipe at the side of the stove
4:A prize-ox on parade

A young woman is dancing to the tune played by Cupid

A young couple look at a satyr who burns himself
when embracing the fire he considers beautiful

A young man and woman are tuning their lutes;
two hearts, tied together, are seen above the table

A cupid is taking aim at a young woman who sleeps against a tree;
behind the tree a spider is lowering himself towards a sleeping snake


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