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Grotesque Alphabet by Giacomo Paolini.

Grotesque Alphabet by Giacomo Paolini.

Late 16th century

Ateone mutato in Cervo da Diana

Background: Actea at right; Diana in the centre

Penteo / Bacco Trionfante

Background: Bacchus carried by a procession

Cadmo mutato in Serpente con la moglie

Background: Cadmus being transformed into a serpent

Dedalo / Icaro

Background: Icarus is falling to earth

Fetonte guisa il carro del sole

Background: A woman rides a chariot towards the sun

Hercole entrando nel'inferno Amazza Cerbero

Background: Hercules enters the inferno of Cerberus

Licaone mutato in Lupo

Background: Licone [?] Lyacon* is transformed into a fox wolf

Avaritia del Re Mida

Background: Scene depicting the greed of King Midas

Narcisso s'inamora de si stesso et dive ta un fiore

Background: Narcissus leans over a tomb set within a landscape

Eccellenza d'Orfeo nel sonare et lametarsi

Background: Orpheus plays his lyre

Quinto Curtio

Background: Marcus Curtius on horseback is about to leap into the chasm

Rololo et Remo primi fondatori de Roma

Background: Romulus and Remus alongside a wolf


Background: Serena swims in the sea

Terseo unice il Minotauro et inganna Arianna

Background: Theseus and the minotaur's labyrinth

Plutone / Venere et Cupido

Background: Venus and Cupid on a cliff; Pluto arrives in a chariot


This late 16th century suite of ornamental letters by Giacomo Paolini is known as 'Grotesque Alphabet in Mythological Landscapes'. The only thing I discovered about Paolini is that he was an Italian artist.- Все, что известно о Паолини- это то, что он итальянский художник.

To discover which letters I've omitted and which letters were missing from the modern day alphabet, you will need to track them down at the source: the British Museum Prints Database (search on "Giacomo Paolini" in the 'free text' field)¤tPage=2

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