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Postmortem: The Art of Rk Post


Postmortem: The Art of Rk Post

rk post graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in the fall of 1994 after several years of going full and part time supporting a family. Just prior to graduation, he started freelancing the fantasy gaming industry doing interior illustration gradually teaching himself how to paint. His first paying job was for TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) doing interior illustrations for an AD&D module entitled Red Steel.

rk garnered a staff illustration position at TSR in the fall of 1996 painting cover illustrations for games and novels. The RPG giant was purchased by Wizards of the Coast (Magic: the Gathering) within a year and he trekked Trina and the three boys out to the Seattle area. WotC and rk have parted company since the winter of 2000 and now works as a freelance illustrator and full time 3D Artist for Gas Powered Games (http://www.gaspowered.com/index.php) in Kirkland, WA. Mr post has contracted and work through ADI Effects (Alien VS Predator), White Wolf, Microsoft (X Box and PC), LucasFilm, Sega (Dreamcast), Nintendo, Ballantine Books, Science Fiction Book Club, Hasbro (televsion and animation), Marvel Entertainment, and Blizzard Ent. (Daiblo 2). rk post now has his collected works available in a hard cover art book, Postmortem: the Art of rk post published by Cartouche Press (www.cartouchepress.com). New and continuing work can also be seen at www.rkpost.net and retail sales are handled at http://www.daydream-graphics.com/artists/post/main.asp.


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