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Миниатюры и украшения "LOVERS EYE".

Миниатюры и украшения "LOVERS EYE".

С ними связана , по легенде- такая романтическая история: будущий король Англии
George IV получил в подарок от возлюбленной миниатюру с изображением только ее глаз, чтобы посторонние не могли узнать персонажа и влюблюбленные могли бы сохранить в тайне свои отношения. Такие памятные миниатюры вошли в моду и стали очень популярны в 1790- 1820 годах, да и позже их делали везде- в Англии, Франции,России.

1.Eye miniature handpainted on ivory Georgian C. 1800
Сохранились броши, заколки, медальоны, шкатулочки, браслеты, где изображены только глаза, часто с ними соседствует локон или плетенка из волос любимого человека, часто ребенка или родственника, не только возлюбленного. На браслетах и медальонах иногда встречается и несколько миниатюр, тогда мемориальные украшения были в большой моде. Многие "глаза" были в паре с портретами или миниатюрами целиком, в музеях такие пары сохранились.

Миниатюра на коробочке слоновой кости.
Eye miniature set in ivory patch box Georgian Circa 1790

A splendid miniature eye portrait from the Victoria and Albert Museum, with a diamond teardrop.

Dawes eye miniature - diamond tear

Notice the Rococo influence on the border to this piece, something which was also prevalent from 1815 onwards.

A rare American eye miniature c. 1815

Lover's eye miniature hand-painted on ivory surrounded by a double row of pearls. Brown eye of a lady with brown hair painted down the side of her face. Circa 1820.

Eye Miniature pendant
C. 1790

An example of a British eye miniature c. 1840

1850 Gold Diamond Enamel Miniature Lovers Eye Ring Secret Compartment

This eye miniature brooch is a wonderful painting on ivory of a woman's eye. Gold and pearls. Dated 1845.

Eye Miniature painted on ivory
C. 1790

Eye miniature handpainted on ivory
C. 1800


GEORGIAN Lovers Miniature Eye Heart Frame Garnets Pendant Reliquary

Georgian Miniature Lady Lovers Eye in Gold Heart Bracelet w/ garnets

Georgian Miniature Lady Lovers Eye in Gold Heart Bracelet w/ garnets

Georgian Miniature Gentlemans Lovers Eye in Gold Locket

Georgian period eye miniature mourning ring dated 1780. Courtesy of Lenore Dailey of Lenore's.

Hand-painted blue eye miniature ring circa 1800.

Lover's eye pendant--hand-painted on ivory and set in 18K gold. C early to mid 1800s. Back of pendant has a compartment for hair.

Georgian ivory patch box with eye
Circa early 1800s
Oval ivory patch box with an eye miniature painted on card.

Pin in original leather box.

Lover's eye handpainted on ivory of a beautiful woman with a hazel eye, surrounded by brown curls. Mounted in gold shell pendant. Note the direction the eye will hang when worn.

Lover's eye
C. 1820
Light blue man's miniature eye, hand painted on ivory, set in a yellow gold round pendant mounting, surrounded by wire strung seed pearls. Shows signs of an old repair on back. Suspended by chains from an added rectangular hair brooch, which is surrounded by split seed pearls. The hair pin has some separation in the metal on back. O rings have been added to the hair pin so it can be worn as a pendant.

Eye Miniature Portrait
Gerald Sinclair Hayward (1845-1926), a Canadian miniature painter
Late for eye miniatures, it is dated 1905 and is also quite unusual that it is a man's eye.

Lover's eye
Circa 1800
An enigmatic enamel eye in the overall eye shape referred to as a shuttle shape, used only for a few years around 1790-1800 or a touch later.

Georgian eye miniature brooch
Circa 1830

Round lover's eye miniature of a female blue eye with hair painted on ivory under rock crystal. Gold frame is enameled in white with natural pearls set in a wheel formation.

Georgian eye miniature brooch
Circa 1820s
Lover's eye miniature painted on ivory set in 18K gold enhanced by blue enamel. This lovely lady is a rarity due to her red-gold hair. A lock of hair is encased in the locket in the back

Back of the eye miniature showing the lock of hair.

Lover's eye miniature pendant
C. 1790

Close up of the eye
Back of eye pendant showing hair compartment.

С задней стороны- плетенка из волос.

Barbara Robbins
Year: c.1800-1820

Barbara Robbins
Year: c. 1810

Close up of pearls and hair.

Многим сейчас эти вещицы непривычны, даже пугают(еще когда в таком количестве собраны).
Но ведь это- глаза любимых людей. Фотографий не было, из средств связи- только почта, целый миниатюрный портрет стоил очень дорого, да и анонимность не сохранялась, что самое главное.

Еще старинные ювелирные красоты:

The Lover's Eye is based on a type of enameled portrait miniature popular in the early 19th century that was exchanged by lovers who wished to keep their relationship a discreet secret.

In the late 1700s, while his father George III was losing the Revolutionary War in America, George IV of England was losing his heart to a commoner. The young prince's lover gave him a locket with a miniature painting of her eye; her anonymity was preserved while eye contact was maintained. The idea caught on and, for about 30 years, Georgian miniatures remain one of the rarer examples of antique jewelry. Today these miniatures are often called "lover's eyes".

Such portraits appeared between the 1790s and 1820s in the courts and affluent households of England, Russia, France and even, quite rarely, America. In all, Weber estimates that fewer than a thousand were produced.

Eventually, not just lovers but beloved family members were portrayed. One bracelet, for instance, is composed of four eyes, each belonging to a member of one family and bearing the initials of each individual. Mourning pieces contained the eye of a departed loved one, sometimes set in a frame of pearls which symbolized tears.”


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