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Terry Pratchett

Библиографическая редкость: иллюстрации к "Carpet People" выполненые самим Terry Pratchett

Snibril gains a horse

Then, as the creature hurtled by him, he snatched at the reins, raced for a second by the pounding hooves, and flung himself up into the saddle.


Glurk resembled his father in every way, from his broad shoulders to his great thick neck, the battering centre of his mighty strength... He could lift a horse with one hand, and once -- it was said -- had raised a man-sized boulder of grit with both.

Battle with the snargs

Some hidden door that he had never known before opened inside Snibril, and his fear turned to cold anger. He looked at the snags thrusting between the carts, and tugged the still shivering spear from the ground.

Hymetors tending their hives

They saw later how the syrup fruit fitted into the life of the yellow country when they passed a hive, a tall honeycomb hanging between the hairs. Striped creatures peered down from their lofty fortress and hummed angrily as the carts passed beneath.

The last termagant

nd then the termagant did stop. For it had seen another termagent. There, in the shield, a scaly green face looked back at it. A necklace hung over one ear. For a moment the creature had found company. Then, stepping back, Snibril tilted the shield, and the face was gone.


He was tall, with the thin face of a wight, but it was red-brown and wrinkled as old apples. His hair was brown also, and it billowed around him, almost hiding the grubby, torn robe -- which might once have been red -- that was all he wore.

остальное - там: http://www.ie.lspace.org/art/carpet-people/illustrations.html

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