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Marcus Gheeraerts I.(1516-1590) Графика.

Marcus Gheeraerts I.(1516-1590) Графика.
Marcus Gheeraerts I (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Flemish; British; (1516/21 - c.1590)
Also Known As
Gheeraerts, Marcus ; Gheraerts, Marcus; Geraerts, Marcus; Garrard, Marc; Gerards, Marc
Гравюры к басням Эзопа, гравюры и рисунки животных , а также гротескные орнаменты.

Painter and occasional printmaker. b. Bruges; to London c.1567 in wake of Alva's invasion of the Netherlands. Returned c.1577. Illustrated Aesop in 1567; probably the designer of the woodcuts in the 1570 edition of Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

-------------------------Animalium Quadrupedum (Four-Legged Animals)---------------


satirical print

satirical print

---------------Birds and Butterflies----------------------

------------------------Басни Эзопа-After Marcus Gheeraerts I ------------------

The boar and the lion; a trencher copied from Gheeraerts's

The bear and the honey-bees; a trencher copied from Gheeraerts's illustrations to Aesop. c.1630/6

The monkey forcing the cat to extract the nuts from the fire...

The lion in the net and the mouse

The eagle and the snail

The hares and the frogs

The frog, the rat and the eagle

The ass eating thistles while laden with delicacies

The hedgehog and the rabbit

The ape and the fox

The chamleon, sitting on a branch

The thief offering bread to a dog; a trencher copied from Gheeraerts's illustrations to Aesop. c.1630/6

Эзоп рассказывает свои сказки людям и животным.
Aesop telling his tales to an audience of men and beasts, the frontispiece to John Ogilby, 'The Fables of Aesop paraphrased in verse' (London, Thomas Warren for Andrew Crook, 1651)



--------------------Passio Verbigenae Quae Nostra Redemptio Christi--------------------


---------------------Орнаменты для ювелирных работ------------

----------------------The labours of Hercules-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Landscape with a dressed horse at centre, a wild boar in lower right corner, hills with houses in background; unsigned; copy after Marcus Gheeraerts I; letterpress on verso; illustration to Etienne Perret's 'Fables des Animaux' (Antwerp). 1578


Composite rotting head of a monk representing an allegory of iconoclasm; the head emerges from a rocky outcropping, infested with little figures who swarm over it; a diabolical mass is being conducted inside the gaping mouth, and on the pate sits a figure of the pope enthroned beneath a canopy with indulgences pinned up on the staves; various rituals and processions take place and are labelled with letters; in the foreground Protestant iconoclasts are clearing up bits of altarpieces, religious sculptures, sundry vanities and other church paraphernalia and tipping them into a fire
1560-1570 Attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts I


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