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Lori Field

Eastern Bonnet

Visit her website - Lori Field
"My drawings and paintings are based on the collages, 'outtakes' of the worlds depicted in them, and they too straddle the border between reality and dream, past life and present"

Field has continued to refine complex techniques that combine colored pencil with collage and encaustic, as well as exploring the demanding medium of silverpoint drawing. She names the symbolism in her work “psychological
portraiture, where the ‘animals’ characterize and exhibit ‘human’ motives and foibles. Those familiar with Field’s work will recognize the human/animal hybrids that retain physical characteristics of both. She emphasizes the
“features of animals that don’t speak or cry out, the ‘strong, silent types’…to address vulnerability, a major emotional undercurrent” in her work.

Babes in the Woods
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Miss Muffet ------- ------- Self-Portrait as Flamingo ------------- The Sciense of Chocolate
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Jon Do
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Fish wife
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Other world
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