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Хендрик Гольциус,(Hendrick Goltzius) 1558-1617. Графика.

Хендрик Гольциус,(Hendrick Goltzius) 1558-1617. Графика.


Henricus Goltius Pictor et Sculptor

Хендрик Гольциус (нидерл. Hendrick Goltzius, январь или февраль 1558, Брюгген под Фенло, Лимбург — 29 декабря 1616 или 1 января 1617, Харлем) — нидерландский художник, представитель маньеризма.
Ребёнком упал на горящие угли, изуродовал себе правую руку (впоследствии сделал несколько блестящих графических этюдов покалеченной руки). Учился витражному искусству у отца, с 1575 учился гравировальному мастерству. В 1577 поселился в Харлеме. В 21 год женился на богатой вдове, что дало ему экономическую самостоятельность. Тем не менее, он в 1590 сбежал от нее, путешествовал по Германии и Италии, где открыл для себя творчество Рафаэля, но особенно впечатлился работами Микеланджело.
В 1600 возглавил Харлемскую академию живописи. С этого же времени выступил как живописец и, хотя начал поздно, оставил ряд замечательных работ. Гораздо более он был известен современникам как виртуозный гравёр.



Study of a hand

Правая рука Гольциуса
Goltzius's Right Hand, 1588 - Pen and brown ink ; 9 x 12 5/8 in. (23 x 32.2 cm) - Teylers Museum, Haarlem
Date 1588


Portrait of Josina Hamels, three-quarter length, to left, resting her hand on a skull, design in an oval within a decorative surround with two peacocks below and a lute-player and singer above. 1580

Portrait of an old lady

Portrait of Jan Govertsen; head and shoulders almost to left, short curly hair, the shirt open at the neck, Christ on the Cross seen through an opening in the wall above at l. 1608

Hendrik Goltzius - Portret van Gillis van Breen

Portrait of Jan Nicquet, aged 56, half-length, slightly to right, with a cloak and holding a glove. 1595

Portrait of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, bust slightly to right, wearing a hat and armour; oval plate. 1586

Portrait of Dirck Volckertsz Coornhert

Ioannes Bollius

Portrait of Jacques de la Faille

Portrait of William of Orange

--------------Officers and soldiers--------------

==================Офицеры и солдаты===============

The standard bearer; a striding soldier, walking to left, holds an enormous billowing banner. 1587

The captain of infantry, full-length seen full face, striding to left, infrantrymen drilling in landscape in background. 1587

Portrait of man in a flamboyant outfit holding up a standard and with his hand on his hip in a landscape with a military encounter beyond. 1585

Portrait of a pike-man, whole-length, holding pike at right, with a miltary battle beyond. 1583

Portrait of Stanislaus Sobocki, whole-length, holding a baton and with a cavalry charge against pikemen in the distance. 1583

Officers and soldiers;

Portrait of a pike-man, probably an officer, full-length, holding pike at left, an infantry skirmish in background. 1582

-------------------Библейские сюжеты-------------

Pietà; Mary with Christ's dead body on her lap and weeping, the empty cross with a ladder propped against it in background at right. 1596

The adoration of the shepherds; the Virgin at right and three shepherds gazing in awe; the bearded shepherd in the centre holds out a candle; the print is apparently an unfinished proof and only the heads of the figures are completed

The Judgement of Solomon

---------------The four evangelists----------

The four evangelists

The four evangelists

St Matthew

===================The Passion==================

The Flagellation; Christ is bound to a column and whipped by two men

Christ before Pilate; Christ is brought to Pilate who sits at right on a throne

Christ before Caiaphas; a serene Christ stands before the high pries

The betrayal of Christ; Judas embraces Christ and kisses Him at left, Christ is surrounded by soldiers and is tied up with ropes, in the foreground St Peter raises his sword as Malchus lies before him on the ground; after Hendrik Goltzius

Temptation of Man. Adam and Eve seated naked


------------------The seasons-------------------

The seasons / Aestas

The seasons / Autumnus

The seasons / Ver

The seasons / Hyems

---------------The four elements---------------

The four elements / Aqua

The four elements / Ignis

The four elements / Terra

The four elements; Aer

Pride; a 'mirror of vice' with a gentleman, whole-length, in fine attire holding a flower

Litis abusus (The abuses of the law)
Two men labelled 'Mine' and 'Thine' with slings? chase a group of allegorical men, women and children labelled 'Concord', 'Charity' and 'Peace' etc

Avarice is the Root of all Evil.

Allegorical woman with two birds in her lap and holding two snakes; round plate

Punishment of Niobe


Icarus, engraving by Hendrick Goltzius

The four disgracers
Tantalus; he falls to the ground, head first, his limbs contorted, with dark, billowing smoke behind; round plate. 1588

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) The fall of Phaëton Engraving after a similar work of Corn. Cornelisz. van Haarlem

Apollo, naked, whole-length, striding in the clouds to left, harp at his feet, with his hair billowing in the wind; his chariot drawn by four horses at left, oval plate,1588

The Farnese Hercules. Statue of the naked and muscular Hercules leaning on a large club, viewed from behind, two men in lower right corner peering up; second state with lettering

'The Great Hercules' or 'Knollenman' (bulbous man); he is excessively muscled and wears a lion's pelt; he holds a massive club over his shoulder and a bull's horn; in the landscape beyond he wrestles and lifts Antaeus off the ground, and overwhelms Achelous, in the form of a bull; further beyond three nereids fill a cornucopia. 1589

Hercules and his son Telephos.

Massacre of the innocents; unfinished plate with the figures completed only

=============The loves of the gods===========
-------------Любовь богов-----------------------

Fortitude and Patience; the naked personification of Fortitude holding a column embraces the personification of Patience holding a press.

Jupiter and Juno. The naked couple seated in the clouds, Jupiter wearing a crown, an eagle holding a thunderbolt at right; after Hendrik Goltzius

Mars and Venus.

Apollo (Phoebus) and Leucothea.

Neptune and Amphitrite. The couple seated on a rock in the sea, a bearded Neptune holding his trident, two large fish at their feet; after Hendrik Goltzius

Pluto and Proserpine. Pluto is seated and looks up at Proserpine who stands besides him, behind Pluto is Cerberus, on the ground is a two pronged fork, beyond a city is in flames; after Hendrik Goltzius

Jupiter and Europa. Jupiter, accompanied by his eagle, embraces Europa in a landscape, Europa riding on a large bull in background at right

Apollo (Phoebus) and Leucothea. Interior of a bedroom with Apollo at left, putting his arms around the neck of Leucothea, both falling back on to a bed, a lyre is propped against the bed in lower right corner, a pair of slippers in central foreground

Hercules and Deianeira. The couple at centre, embracing each other naked on a knoll under a tree in a landscape, Hercules chasing the centaur Nessus in background

The ways of fortune
Labour and Industry; a naked male and female embrace and kiss; she holds a whip and a spur while he holds a flail; a spade, anvil and hammer lie on the ground. 1582

Sine Cerere et Baccho Friget Venus (Without Bacchus and Ceres, Venus grows cold); naked Venus at centre, standing before a tree, two doves above, Bacchus at l, attended by a small faun, both holding bunches of grapes, Ceres at right holding a sickle and cornucopia, Cupid lying on the ground, blowing on a fire through a tube. 1593

The Roman Heroes

After Raphael
Triumph of Galatea; Galatea drives across the water in her chariot of a shell drawn by two dolphins, surrounded by Tritons and Nereids, after Raphael. 1592

Venus and Mars surprised by Vulcan; Venus and Mars lie naked on a bed and Vulcan, seen from behind, holds a net; above, amongst billowing clouds, is Mercury, Jupiter (about to hurl a thunder and lightning bolt) and Apollo restrained by Hercules; 1585

Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus; a night scene with Cupid blowing a fire at left; Venus reclines besides Bacchus who stretches out his arm and holds a glass of wine; Ceres, half-length, is in the foreground, seen from behind, rests her hand on a cornucopia; circular design. 1595

Venus, Ceres and Bacchus; seated on a bed, Venus at centre, Ceres at left with her back turned.

Mars and Venus; four putti (including Cupid) pull aside a drape to reveal Mars and Venus passionately embracing on a bed; Mars has discarded his helmet, shield and sword; in the background is a seascape and Apollo driving a chariot across the sky. 1588

GOLTZIUS, Hendrick
Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus would Freeze

-----------------Seven planetary gods------------
=================Семь планетарных богов===============

Mars presiding over the arts of war. A statue of Mars seen from behind, surrounded by soldiers and cavalry, a drummer seen from behind and stooping in foreground; zodiacal signs (Aries and Scorpio) in top corners; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Saturn presiding over agriculture. A monument with Saturn holding a scythe and devouring a child dominating an agricultural landscape with harvesters cutting wheat, two figures holding a sieve and basket scoop in foreground; zodiacal signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) in top corners; third state before publisher's address; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Diana presiding over navigation and fishing. A statue of Diana holding a bow and arrow rising over a seascape, a fisherman collecting his catch into a basket in foreground, a small boat setting out at right, a coastline and numerous sailing vessels in background; zodiacal sign (Cancer) in top right corner; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Jupiter presiding over the liberal arts. A statue of Jupiter holding a sceptre and lightning bolts with an eagle at his feet, looming over practitioners of the liberal arts, including two scholars in conversation and two musicians, a figure with a globe and compass in foreground; zodiacal signs (Pisces and Saggitarius) in top corners; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Apollo presiding over the arts of government. A statue of Apollo with a bow and arrow, rising over a scene with a King holding a sword and orb sitting on his throne at court, a finely attired figure holding a scepter at left accompanied by a bearded councillor, a chained monkey on the ground; zodiacal sign (Leo) in top right corner; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Mercury presiding over the arts.
A statue of Mercury seen from behind, rising over groups of people practicing different arts, a young man conversing with a scholar sitting on a pile of books in foreground, a painter before his easel and a sculptor chiseling at a marble head at left; two zodiacal signs (Gemini and Virgo) in top corners; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596

Seven planetary gods
Venus and Cupid presiding over the realm of love. A statue of Venus holding a flaming heart dominating a landscape with scenes of amour and gaming, a finely attired gentleman groping the breasts of his lover in foreground, a couple promenade and another dance together, a ball game in background; two zodiacal signs (Libra and Taurus) in top corners; second state with number; after Hendrik Goltzius. 1596


After Hendrik Goltzius
Print made by Jacob Goltzius
An old woman offering money to a young man seated at right, a pouch hanging from her belt and coins in her lap, a small jug in foreground; third state with address of Visscher

Plate 2: The Scales of Marriage.c.1592

The story of Lucretia
The banquet at the house of Tarquinius; two soldiers at far right encounter a splendid banquet; various men and women (the wives of the soldiers) in contemporary Netherlandish dress sit around a table

Portrait of a man (the head adjusted in this second state), whole-length, standing in a landscape and holding a dandelion clock and poppy. 1582 (possibly 1585)

Portrait of a young man, whole-length, standing in a landscape and holding a dandelion clock and poppy. 1582 (possibly 1585)

Portrait of Frederick de Vries with Goltzius's dog; the child holds up a dove and attempts to climb on the back of the spaniel in order to ride it. 1597

A fool holding a staff.

Гравюр и рисунков у него сотни,если интересно- пишите, выложу еще.

Живопись и еще графику можно посмотреть:



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