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Охота на львов . Барельефы и гравюры.

Охота на львов. Барельефы и гравюры.


Neo-Assyrian Culture
Ruler Ashurbanipal
Gypsum wall panel relief: grooms lead horses towards screened enclosure, within which the royal chariot is being prepared for the hunt. The king is handed a bow; also, Assyrians rush up a wooded knoll, either in fright or to get a better view of the lion hunt. The hill is crowned by building, or stela, which is decorated with another picture of the royal lion hunt.

Stone wall panel relief: return from the hunt. Men carry lion. Was on corridor leading to eastern gate out of the palace. The king probably passed this way on his way back from the hunt.

The Dying Lion


Middle Assyrian

Late Sasanian
Silver plate showing a king hunting lions; judging by his crown the king may be the Sasanian king Varahran V (popularly known as Bahram Gur) (reigned AD 420-438) whose hunting exploits became legendary.

Print made by Étienne Delaune
After Marcantonio
Lion hunt: frieze-like composition with Roman soldiers, some of them on horseback, fighting off two lions attacking a woman on the ground

After Amico Aspertini
Print made by Giovanni Antonio da Brescia

After Marcantonio
Made in Urbino (perhaps)
1527-1531 (circa)

---------Venationes ferarum, avium, piscium-1578--------

Print made by Philips Galle
After Jan van der Straet


---------------Antonio Tempesta-----------------

Print made by Antonio Tempesta
Plate 6, a hunter on a rearing horse at right watches a lion hunt at the left. 1609

Antonio Tempesta
A lion hunt, it is devouring a soldier in lower left, two men on horseback spear it. 1608

Antonio Tempesta

Print made by Antonio Tempesta
A lion hunt, it is in the lower right attacking a rider on a fallen horse, hunters on horseback throw lances


Print made by Gillis Peeters I
After Frans Snyders
Lion Hunting, in Arzeni in Algeria on the Barbary Coast; woody landscape with three dogs attacking a lion in foreground, two of them being trampled by the lion, two horsemen approaching from right background, mountains with villages seen in distance; after Frans Snyders; second state with Merle's address

Print made by Gérard de Lairesse
1670 (c.)
Semiramis hunting lions; woody landscape with the Assyrian queen on horseback at right, accompanied by other horsemen, a group of hunters showing two dead lions at left, a biga loaded with weapons and a group of camels in left background; lower margin with inscription cut

Print made by Rembrandt
The small lion hunt (with two lions); several turbaned figures on horseback at left, their weapons poised. c.1632

Print made by Jonas Suyderhoef
Lion and Leopard Hunt; a turbaned horseman being attacked by a lion at centre, while his horse rears, two horsemen at left trying to kill the beast, another lion crouched over a dead hunter in lower right, another horseman trying to kill the animal, a speared leopard in lower left; after Peter Paul Rubens

Louis Desplaces
After Joseph Parrocel men in Oriental costumes surrounding a lion which is attacking a horse whose rider has fallen off. c.1731

Print made by Carl Wilhelm Kolbe
Two nude women and six men armed with spears fighting a pack of lions. c. 1800


Print made by Jacob Gole

Personification of Africa; a lady, full length, seen standing at centre, wearing a fancy dress and feathered headgear; a lion-hunt seen through an open door, in the background, to right.


A lion with the face of Byron, the curling hair blended with the mane, lies on its side, dead. A meagre cur, Leigh Hunt, stands on a pile of books inscribed Rimini placed against the lion's hind-quarters, raising a leg contemptuously.

Охота-1-Venationes Ferarum, Avium, Piscium-HERE-ТУТ


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