March 18th, 2007

by the sea

Kinuko Y. Craft (1940 – ) contemporary painter, illustrator and fantasy artist

Kinuko Y.Craft Arts-Japanese born American contemporary painter-галерея картин

"Kinuko Craft is a Renaissance woman. By this I mean not that she paints like the Renaissance painters, but that she is an artist for all seasons, for all kinds of subjects, and in all kinds of styles. If you will survey her works, you will find little duplication in form, color or texture. She fits herself to her subject with charming ease and yet leaves herself free to remain herself. There is an air about all of her illustrations of one who is a true connoisseur of art, wide-ranging through all the countries of the world. One cannot help but think how delightful it would be to walk into gallery of her kaleidoscopic talents.”
(With thanks to Ray Bradbury)


The Divided Crown

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