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Сегодня на суд зрителей представляю достаточно незаурядную историю сделанную Francesca H. M

Во первых, таких историй все больше и это документальность! -По сути все просто, виртуальное пространство все больше внедряется в умы и души, кстати у поколения 11-18+ виртуальность = реальности. Сaption проекта представлю в оригинале на английском, но если интересны мои субъективные мысли- то тут есть большой повод для рассуждений, и после просмотра важно расставить точки.. -Реальная виртуальность(С).. Этот проект считаю уникальным, но выводы за Вами. Впрочем -и старику Фрейду тут есть что замолвить.. ))

Итак: Francesca H. Mancini - Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a turned on web cam and an opened shot. In the office, in a bedroom, in a spirits shop. At London city, At Bangkok, at Rome, at NYC, at.
To get in a Chatroulette it is not necessary to login, nor to give a credit card number, or neather to sign as John Smith: anything is needed, just a webcam. To leave you be watched, to watch, to talk, to do whatever you want. Obviously for free. For the teenagers it is a game, they can get in from their father's computer.
The inventor is in fact a russian young boy, Andrey Ternovskiy, who has thought and realized it for his friends and himself.
But then, the web surfers didn't stop to arrive.
It is a very easy way to communicate, like a shot made with the fingertip of the forefinger, and using the same system you can move to the following web cam. Which can be everywhere. At the front line in Iraq as well. Or in a party, sometimes in the northen Europe, but not that frequently, unfortunatly. More often it is possible to meet up singles. Few of them try to do their best to attract the attention in every way humanly possible. Nothing to be scandalized. Chatroulette: if you don't like what you see, you just need to click on a new game. And it restarts. A web cam turn on, who knows where..

by Francesca H. Mancini

In early November 2009, shortly after the site launched, it had 500 visitors per day.[3] One month later there were 50,000.[3] The site has been featured in The New York Times,[2] New York magazine,[5] and on Good Morning America,[6]Newsnight in the United Kingdom,[7] Tosh.0,[8] and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.[9] Chatroulette was even parodied in the South Park season 14 episode "You Have 0 Friends".[10] In February 2010, there were about 35,000 people on Chatroulette at any given time.[11] Around the beginning of March, Ternovskiy estimated the site to have around 1.5 million users, approximately 33% of them from the United States and 5% from Germany.[3] From Wikipedia.

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