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Старинный портрет.

Eugene Francois Marie Joseph Deveria (1808-1865)Элегантная дама,1834.
«У красоты смыслов столько же, сколько у человека настроений.»
Оскар Уайльд


Antoine Vestier (1740-1824) 

Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877-1958) 

Eugene Francois Marie Joseph Deveria (1808-1865) Portrait de Marie-Lucie de Selle de Beauchamp

Raffaello Sanzio (1483-1520) La Donna Velata, 1515-1516 

Henryk Siemiradzki (1843-1903) Follower Young Woman by the Spring 

Painter 19th century 

Jules Emile Saintin (1829-1894) 

Artist circa 1850 A Floral Greeting 

Sir William Beechey (1753-1839) A Portrait of a Young Woman 

Alfonso Savini (1836-1908) Portrait of a Girl 

Monogrammist E.B., 20th Roses, Irises and Vetch in a Glass Vase 

F. Schurig, circa 1890 At Player 

Friedrich Krepp, circa 1850 Girl in Southern Italian Folk Dress 

Karl Nagl, circa 1880 Portrait of a Girl

English School 19th Portrait of a Lady Set Against a Landscape 

Claude Marie Dubufe (1790-1864) Discrition et La Demande par Maile 

Claude Marie Dubufe 

Leo Louppe (1869-?) Floral Still Life, 1869 

Continental School 19th Portrait of Mme Sophie, fille de Louis XIV 

Continental School 19th century 

Elisabeth Modell (1820-1865) Two Young Ladies at the Window, 1852 

Pietro Antonio Rotary (1707-1762) Portrait of countess A.M. Vorontsov, 1756-1762 

Eduard Klieber (1803-1879) Girl Reading, 1855

Paul Kiessling (1836-1919) Portrait of a Girl 

Josef Lauer (1818-1881) Circle Roses 
 Godfried Guffens (1823-1901) Lucrece Borgia et ses suivantes allant visiter le pape, 1847 

Julie Volpeliere (1790-1842) Jeune orientale et sa servante, 1836 

Roberto Gaufhier Prades (1772-1836)

Julio Romero de Torres (1879-1930) Tristeza Andaluza (Melancholy) 

Johann Georg Seitz (1810-1970) Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase 

Joaquin Sorolla 1863-1923) Esperanza conill de Zanetti 

Friedrich August von Kaulbach (1850-1920) 

Borzoni, painter 19 th The Flower Girl 

Ferdinand Rothbart (1823-1899) Portrait of Angelina Pascucci 

Alexandre Frederic Charlot de Courcy (1832-?) La rupture 

English School 20th Portrait d'une elegante au chapeau    http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/pkfnf/post240948100/

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