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сверстник Барби

автор оригинала "превед" http://www.roeblinghall.com/lurie/

My Name is Skinny, I am a Horse
Watercolor and oil pastel on paper
9 x 12 inches 22.9 x 30.5 cm

John Lurie Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1952, John Lurie moved to New York in 1976. During this time, he formed the musical group the Lounge Lizards. In the mid-80's, he scored and starred in the cult classics "Stranger Than Paradise" and "Down By Law." He has scored countless films and was nominated for a Grammy for "Get Shorty." In the late 90's, he directed and acted in "Fishing With John," his own TV series on the Independent Film Channel, which has been described as "Jacques Cousteau on LSD.http://www.strangeandbeautiful.com/goods/index.html - Каэёл Лури - на саксе.
via safonov_markov

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