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К истории эволюции журнальных обложек

Весьма информативная и хорошо иллюстрированная статья (на английском) с приложениями Gerald Grow "Magazine Covers and Cover Lines An Illustrated History" ("Journal of Magazine and New Media Research", 2002)
I. Early Magazine Covers
II. The Poster Cover: Pictures That Need No Words
Sidebar 1: An Annotated Portfolio of Poster Covers, 1920s to 1990s
III. Pictures Married to Type: The Quest for the Perfect Relationship
Sidebar 2: Where Do You Put the Cover Lines?
Sidebar 3: Summary: Mademoiselle Covers Through the Decades
IV. In the Forest of Words: Covers at the Turn of the 21st Century
Sidebar 4: Synthesis: An Integrated Magazine Cover from the 1990s

Статья об истории обложек журнала "Life" - David E. Sumner "Sixty-Four Years of Life: What Did Its 2,128 Covers Cover?" ("Journal of Magazine and New Media Research", Vol. 5, No.1, Fall 2002)

Бонус - "Секреты дизайна журнальных обложек" ("The secrets of magazine cover design"):
1. The key ingredients
2. The right mix

См. также:
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