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Karl Xaver Goetz. "BEER-HALL PUTSCH" (медаль).

1923, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.0mm, 67.00g., Rim-punch, "K•GoeTz".
Obverse: Hitler is shown mounting the stage, with gun in hand, to where von Kahr is making a speech and then pushing the Bavarian Commissioner aside. A Munich citizen sits in the foreground drinking beer. To the left of Hitler is a backward swastika. Below, "Hittler Putsch" (Hitler Coup). Rim inscription, "National gen National" (Nationalist against Nationalist). Dated November 8, 1923. KG bisected by poster.
Reverse: Three very young Nazis on the stage of the Munich Theater; one carries a gallow, one a Nazi flag
Или вот такая более развёрнутая версия1.)2.):

*924  K.302. Hitler Beer Hall Putsch Medal, 1923.
Bronze cast, 59.1mm. Uncirculated. Obv. Trench-coated Hitler confronts Bavarian Minister-President Ritter von Kahr, National Against National, HITTLER (sic) PUTSCH, 8. NOV. 1923. Rev. Munich Feldherrnhalle with sign Munich Theater, bumbling soldiers, one with helmet backward holding a gallows. Seated at right is a Communist mocking the Nazis and Kahr, peeping from the curtains r. A tablet announces Last Performance, On to Berlin. Deep metallic brown, edge incuse K. Goetz. This medal landed Goetz on the Nazi enemies’ list and after Hitler came to power in 1933, Goetz’ studio was searched and the models confiscated. The misspelling of HITTLER added further to the party’s hostility. It is chilling to note that Nazi Storm Troopers beat Ritter von Kahr to death in a swamp outside Munich on the “Night of the Long Knives,” June 30, 1934.
Конец ознакомительного фрагмента. Читать полностью там:
Выборы, выборы, Кандидаты - "censored"!1!
1.) - "Ancient and Modern Coins of the World and the United States, Medals, Tokens, Orders and Decorations and Paper Money." от 25.02.2004 г., стр. 91.
2.) - "the NUMISMATIST" April 1982 - volume 95, number 4, глава "Symbol of Tyranny. Medallic Portraits of Adolf Hitler by R.W. Colbert, LM 321 and William D. Hyder, ANA 59458"5.), стр. 914.

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