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Yin Kun one of China's most talented artists (Chinese Avantgarde)

Yin Kun, a talented and sensitive young artist, has a deep interest in everyday life experience, and attitudes towards reality.
Please check out Yin Kun"s Exhibition Hall
or Yin Kun
Chinese Honey
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The artworks of an artist usually documents the life and experiences he has gone through, and are reflections of the emotional and psychological state of his mind as he paints on the canvases.

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Super group
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Man & monkey
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Finger Language
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My rainbow
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isn't he cute?:)
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  • Открытка из музея...

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  • Иллюстрация к былинам

    Открытка 1968 года. Иллюстрация к былине " Михайло Казаринов" Открытка 1968 года. Художник: А. Куркин (Палех). Издание "Советский художник", Москва…

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