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Kevin Zuckerman

Kevin Zuckerman-Gallery


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The Philosopher

Summer Wind

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Red Mountain

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Although born in St. Louis in 1960, Kevin Zuckerman was raised in a variety of locations and cultures - from Washington D.C. to Japan, Thailand, Greece, and Spain. He even lived in Switzerland and Chicago before settling in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kevin's artwork is in public and private collections in Europe and the United States. He has executed commissions for several Hollywood films including the "The Prince of Tides" and "Opportunity Knocks".
Zuckerman paints abstract landscapes that are alive with color and light. His figurative work is rich with abstract splashes; delicate and at the same time bold. There is a tenderness, depth and exceptional intensity that are expressed through the many layers of paint. Each painting is a world that knows neither time nor individual, yet the sensual pull of what's familiar is present. Dynamic yet subtle, his work opens a dimension that reveals a strange beauty.

  • '64オリンピック東京. Закрытие.

    '64オリンピック東京. Открытие. Одинокая карточка 143 Х 103 mm: オリンピック資金財団発売のメダルと記念切手 - Выпуск медалей и памятных марок Олимпийского фонда…

  • '64オリンピック東京. Открытие.

    А тут оказывается имели место олимпийские игры в Токио. Джапанцы любят подобные игрища, их только в стольном граде умудрились аж дважды…

  • Мастак Алесь Сураў: «У краіне сала».

    Заместо эпиграфа : " Есть тут что-то сакральное - связь свиней и людей. <.....> Чем больше я на эту тему думал, тем больше…

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