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Art by Evalien Lang

"During the rest of the meal Jens was silent. I wondered if i ought to check his diary. You better know early if you child threatens to derail."

"I'm looking for a romantic teddybear, preferably a bit tall, dark, with ringbeard, own house and car and good job at a hospital."

"I'm the type of mother that always fills in "child" at "hobbies"

"her vagina was a place of lust no longer, but a bloody, functional opening"

"Lately we'd been sleeping together more often again. A little too often. For me twice a month is sufficient"

"Without you my life is futile" Said Erna who wore a strikingly elegant pleated skirt."

"And with the making of music, specially attuned to my energies, Jan asked the cosmos to help me"

"Oh... I'd expected something a bit more...exclusive."

"He was breathtaking. Tall, dark and dangerous. He looked down on her like a king inspects his loot shamelessly."


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