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Magic Realism -Paul Christiaan Bos (Dutch - Contemporary)

Gallery of Magic Realism Paintings by P.C.Bos

Atlas in Large Landscape
Oils on Panel

+ 18
Stairway to the Attic

*детали картины

The Hidden House
resinous Oils & Tempera on panel

Glimpse of the Domain
resinous Oil & Tempera on Panel

Detail: Glimpse of the Domain

The Rainbow
resinous Oil & Tempera on Panel

detail :Swan on the Left

Great Flower
resinous Oils & Tempera on panel

The Flamingos
Pencil, Chalk, Charcoal, Acrylics, Ink & Watercolor on Paper

The State

A Winter's Evening

The Bridge
Oils on canvas

"Midsummer's Triad", Oils on panel

Sleeping Boy

"Dreamer", Ink & crayon on paper

Pond with Horse
Acrylics on Schoellerhammer board

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