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Cartier Award 2008

Молодые Русские Художники соберитесь с силами и удивите Арт Фриз 2008!
подробности ниже

The Cartier Award 2008: Call for applications

The Cartier Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative by Frieze Projects, the curatorial programme of Frieze Art Fair, in collaboration with Gasworks and sponsored by Cartier. Artists are invited to propose a new work to be realised at Frieze Art Fair 2008 which will be produced under the auspices of Frieze Projects. Projects may take the form of site-specific installation; performance; film; video and print work.

The Cartier Award includes:
- 3 month residency at Gasworks from mid September to mid December 2008 including accommodation, per diems and travel expenses
- Project production costs of up to 10,000 pounds
- An artist's fee of 1,000 pounds

The Cartier Award is open to non UK based artists within 5 years of graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Please visit for more details and access to the online application form. The deadline for applications is Friday 7 January 2008.

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