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street art, part 4 - Armsrock

armsrock was born in 1984 in copenhagen, denmark, but now resides in exile elsewhere in europe. He creates life-size portraits of his fellow citizens in attempts to capture and retell some of the stories that the city holds. He interacts with the streets by placing these portraits (each an intricate original drawing) back in the environment from where they came. He sees this project as an attempt to create a vast set of 'open sketch books'. Armsrock asserts that some of the most beautiful things in life are for free and as such should not be bottled-up or contained in any way, and that they are ephemeral, so for a large part of the time he tries to make things that follow these general outlines.

He recently made a book together with woostercollective, called 'all my friends are made of paper'.

любители уличного искусства и прочего андеграунда, обратите внимание на этот сайт. там представлено все лучшее из этой области - и граффити, и различные проекты-инсталляции, ссылки на сайты художников и разное прочее интересное.
я хотела выцепить оттуда еще нескольких персонажей, но потом подумала, что ни к чему так закапываться в одну тему.)

Interview by Fumi Nagasaka


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