Лара (0rchid_thief) wrote in art_links,

Ron Hutt

очередное из области курьезов - картины в стиле древнегреческих краснофигурных ваз.
сюжеты, как и полагается, античные.)

Aphrodite after her rendezvous with Ares calls her husband Hephaestus on her cell phone to say she will be late getting home.

The ancient Moirai rules effected even Zeus they are, Klotho who spun the thread / substance of life, Lakhesis who measured the thread the allotment of life and Atroposcut who cut the thread of life. Here they apply their laws of fate to a double helix, the structure of DNA and code of life.

Demeter depicted here as a protective earth mother goddess is encouraging a pair of endangered polar bears as they take apart a gas guzzling Hummer and in this version the Hummingbirds lend a beak to carry off a tire.

еще немного в том же духе


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