Лара (0rchid_thief) wrote in art_links,

Transfigurations by Richard Bram (photo) and Sylvia Willkens (painting)

колебалась какое-то время, думая, куда же отправить этот проект - в ruguru или сюда?
решила продублировать - просто интересно, как его воспримут фотографы/любители фотографии и художники/любители живописи.:)


Richard Bram: "We worked in her studio with her Early Renaissance-inspired multi-panel paintings and models over a period of two years from 2000 to 2002. On vacation in Umbria in the summer of 2000, Silvia and I went to Assisi to view the Giotto frescoes. Later that year I was visiting her Mainz studio. We were playing around with her paintings and she held one up in front of her face, like a mask and I took a couple of frames. From these grew the entire project and it took us in directions we did not expect".


мне показалось, что совместный проект получился более удачным, чем творчество каждого в отдельности.


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