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Mary Van Cline-Art Glass


Mary Van Cline (Denmark) accepted an award, the Fujita Prize from the National Living Treasure of Japan-(о Kyohei Fujita-ЗДЕСЬ,с работами и линками ,из архива 2005 года)
Van Cline’s work is more than narrative. It invites us to find our own balance within the piece, both visually and spiritually. The architectural aspects – a house shape, a window, a chair – give us a familiar point of departure. However, we are quickly asked to accept the work on a metaphysical rather than a literal level. The figures interact with one another but appear not to be in the same space. Some are active, some contemplative. Those in the photos sometimes seem on the point of discovery or caught in strange landscapes. The figures in neon float in space. Over all there is a sense of serenity, a sense of time for healing and wholeness.

"The Healing Passage of TIme"
Photosensitive glass, cast glass, copper leaf

"Linear Barriers"
Photosensitive glass, cast glass, copper leaf patina

"The Relationship of Time Within Time"
Photosensitive glass, pate de verre

"The Flow of Time"
Photosensitive glass, pate de verre

"Cycles of the Relationship of Time"
Photosensitive glass, pate de verre, bronze patina

"Ivory Figure"
53 x 22 x 8 in.
Ivory pate de verre

"Woman with Teal Blue Leaves"
36 x 17 x 9 in.
Cast ivory glass, teal pate de verre, patina

"Golden Torso "
40 x 36 x 9 in.
Gold pate de verre

"The Healing Series Part 2"
Photosensitive glass, neon, wood

"Exit to the Room of Voices"
Cast neodymium glass, cut Vitrolite glass, photosensitive glass block, flameworked ladder, paint

http://www.maryvancline.com/ -подробнее здесь,в архиве и в публикациях

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