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The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

Sponsored by Cornell University's Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC) this image-bank provides a visual resource for the study of the Fantastic or of the supernatural in fiction and in art.

Cornell's library holdings in several areas provide a deep well from which to draw for a project such as this one. The incomparable Witchcraft collection, the History of Science collection, a recent grouping of Russian Fables and Fairy Tales now on deposit in Kroch library and the serendipitous discoveries that seem so readily to occur once the search gets under way, have resulted in a data-base of nearly 300 images, distributed among several general rubriques or thematic clusters, with search and cross-referencing capabilities

Johann Georg Hagelgans. Sphaera Coelestis Mystica. n.c. : n.p., 1739, Plate 7.
hand-colored. geometrical diagram of biblical passages

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Psychology and sociology, art and literary history, anthropology and folklore among other disciplines, can provide avenues of investigation useful in the study of such basic critical or analytical concepts for the Fantastic as repression, the uncanny, indeterminacy, or the postmodern. The image bank may thus also be useful for broadening discussions in areas of study quite removed from the Fantastic per se, and it is indeed our hope that it will do so.

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections

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