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Connie Arismendi

Believing in Beauty -The Heart in the Art of Connie Arismendi

"The elegance of Arismendi’s work is in the relationships of what it references. Easily aligned with papel picado (the Mexican folk tradition of cut paper decorations), the work’s silhouette figures
exist in a cross cultural archetypal utopia, delivering a promise of paradise in a solid sculptural medium that balances between two and three dimensions."(c)

Connie Arismendi
Connie Arismendi
Stag Beetle , acrylic on panel, pencil on mylar

Cascade , Enamel and oil on cut aluminum

Beneath the Flowering Tree, Enamel on cut aluminum

Mignon / Eve , Powder coated aqua jet cut aluminum

Starlit Forest, powder coated aqua jet cut aluminum

La Vida del Pajarito , Limited Edition of 40, Serigraph

Bishounen (Detail), Acrylic on paper, pencil on mylar

Bromelia , enamel and oil on aqua jet cut aluminum


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