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Stanislaw Trojanski

Stanislaw Trojanski 1926 - 1993

Stanislaw Trojanski was born in Leningrad into a polish-russian family of architects and painters. His grandfathers were the known russian architect Matfei Kasakow (1728-1812), who designed the Rumjantzew Museum and other public buildings in Moscow and the known russian painter Petr Trojanski (1872-1932)..

Stanislaw Trojanski studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad under Professor Ivan Biblin. During the second world war he was forced to join the Red Army, where he was condemned for conspiracy in 1945 and banned into a russian concentration camp.

In autumn 1956 he regained his freedom. Then he began his first creative period as a painter and started further studies at the Academy of Arts in Moscow under Professor Michail Kurilko until 1959. In the following years he worked as a book-illustrator, as a scenerybuilder and director at the theater. He was honoured with several prices in Brussels, New York and Paris. In 1975 he finally managed to emigrate the USSR to live in Poland, where he was honoured with further medals for his work. His probably most popular painting "Burning Warsaw" was exposed in the audience-room of Johannes Paul II for years, before it was given to the Vatican Museum.

In 1984 he settled in Berlin, where he did his last paintings. There he died in 1993 in Warsaw/Poland after a long struggling life being a painter.

Fine Arts International presents his last and intensive period of painting from that time.

Graveyard of dreams


Stanislaw Trojanski
Stanislaw Trojanski
Funeral of love

Funeral of hearts

Autumn walk

A friend´s visit

Old trainstation Berlin-Wannsee

Spring in Berlin-Steglitz

Spandau balcony

Spandau window

Steglitz window

I´m living in Berlin

Grosser Kurfürst

1st of may

Parteigenosse Madonna


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